Eyewear Adjustments

All iOptique customers are eligible for a free adjustment to their eyeglasses at any time. To enjoy a perfect fit, we recommend you visit us every 3 months for a complete eyewear adjustment at no charge

Contact Lenses Fittings

Obtaining properly fitted contact lenses is a very personal process because everyone's eyes are different. At iOptique we specialize in fitting the best quality and most suitable contacts on an individual basis.

At iOptique you can be assured that your Doctors prescription will be properly filled and fitted. In addition, you will receive a review of how long to wear your lenses and how to care for them. This step is every bit as important as the fitting itself in order to ensure a pleasant and healthy contact lens experience for the iOptique client.

Eyeglass Repair

At iOptique, we provide our clients with professional repair services for all their eyeglass issues.

Simple repairs (missing screws etc.) can often be preformed with no charge. More involved repairs, lens or frame replacement are handled quickly and efficiently. Sometimes it can be more economical to replace the entire lens / frame combination. Rest assured that at iOptique you will receive advice, care and attention that is both honest and professional.

Any Eyewear Problems?

Do you have any problems with your eyewear? iOptique’s highly trained professionals can solve any kind of eyewear problem.